Celebrate someone special with messages from the people they love ❤️
Our professional interviewers chat with loved ones to create Folklories - intimate audio stories that capture much more than conventional pictures & videos.

Here's a sample from a chat with a father about his wife and 3 daughters:
Celebrate someone special with messages from people they love ❤️
We interview your loved ones to create Folklories - intimate audio stories that sound like this:

What are "Folklories"?

Each Folklory is an audio recording of a conversation between one of our Folklorists (hosts) and a guest you choose. Here's what each Folklory will contain:
30-min Conversations
You tell us what you'd like us to speak to your guest about and our Folklorists will guide the conversations to make it as easy yet meaningful as possible. No prep required from your guests!
Professional Editing
Each Folklory will be edited and mastered to a studio-level quality, just like your favourite podcasts. And we'll add some music too!
Seamless Listening
Each Folklory is delivered as an audio file via a private link sent only to you. Listen to it online, share it with your loved ones or download it for easy access!
Who are our Folklorists?
Haresh Tilani and Terence Chia are filmmakers and storytellers at heart, with a combined total of 25+ years of content creation across YouTube videos, TV shows and podcasts. 27+ million views and 1.5+ million podcast downloads later, they started Folklory to help others capture their own stories.

Get to know them by clicking on the links below:
How will your Folklory be created?
1. Choose Your Guest
Tell us who we'll be speaking with & what you'd like us to talk about
2. Scheduling
We'll link up with your guest to set a date & time for the interview, done remotely
3. Recording
We'll prep your guest, who'll join us for the session via phone or computer
4. Final Audio File
We'll edit the recording & send you a private and secure audio file to download
How much does it cost?
Select the best option for you and we'll take care of everything else!
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What our customers say ❤️
"...it was real, unscripted, and takes people out of their comfort zone but stays true to their heart."

"..the ability to customise and tailor a gift specifically for the loved one is a wonderful and unique opportunity."
Kenneth Ho, who got a Folklory for his friend
Folklory Launch Customer
"..people who are close to me and ones who like experiences more than a fancy handbag."

"..I think it is more than a material gift. It is an experience you want to remember."
Jenny Li, who got a Folklory for her husband
Folklory Launch Customer
"...it's as much a gift/ 'Time capsule' memento for myself as interviewee (as much as it is a gift for recipients)"
Jamie, who got a Folklory for his young children
Folklory Launch Customer
"..I love it, I love the idea! its unique and I hope it'll be around again next Xmas!"
Shirley, who got a Folklory for her best friend
Folklory Launch Customer
Still got questions?
Why a Folklory instead of a picture or written note?
Pictures only capture a moment, while written notes sometimes lack emotion. If you're like most people, you've probably misread at least one text message because you couldn't tell the emotions of the sender, right?

Videos are often the workaround, but you know video interviews take a lot of effort. Plus, they're not the most remote-friendly to recording.

Unlike audio, because all we need is a phone call. 
How do I decide who will be interviewed?
Think of the person you're giving the Folklory to (the giftee) and then think of the people your giftee loves to spend time with. Don't worry about how long they've known each other, etc. As long as they have at least some happy memories together, that's often more than enough.
Why would someone open up to someone they're only meeting on the phone?
We've spent years creating and capturing stories in video and audio form, and recorded hundreds of hours of conversations, which have resonated with millions of people around the world (you can check us out on YouTube and Spotify). So we use that experience when hand-picking our interviewers to make sure they have all the skills needed to have an authentic conversation. You'd be surprised how easy it will be to chat, as long as the interviewer is sincere. And you have our guarantee. 

If you're still in doubt, well, heard of Humans of New York? No one would have thought that strangers would share such intimate details with a man they've never met. We inspired by movements like that, because we do believe that conversations are easier than people think.
How can I be sure of the quality of the interviewer?
Every interviewer is screened meticulously by our founding team (Haresh & Terence), and have undergone significant training in the art of conducting conversations in ways that are authentic, sincere and fun!

Of course, you can also specifically request to be interviewed by either Haresh or Terence ;) 
How is the info I share with the interviewer protected?
Every recording is stored securely on our private servers and deleted once the final file is in the hands of our customer. We also have detailed contracts and NDA agreements with all our interviewers. As a final catch all, we maintain a database of every interview we do, matched with the corresponding interviewer. That link will never disappear so if you ever have any concerns at any point, holler!
Do you offer discounts if I order more than 1 Folklory?
Yes we do! Refer to our section above for our options. If you'd like to set up a monthly or yearly recording to document the growing up of your child, for example, then let us know and we can work something out.
Do you do interviews in languages apart from English?
Not yet, but we'll definitely expand our range of languages in the near future. Sign up for our newsletter and follow us on social media to keep track of our updates!
What equipment do I need to record the interview?
All you need is a laptop or desktop, a wired phone headset that can be plugged in and an internet connection. 
What if the interviewee has nothing to say?
We do a pre-interview call with every interviewee to give them a short brief on what to expect, so if this is a possibility, no matter how tiny, then we'll come back to you and request for someone else to chat with.

Don't worry, we've got you covered!
What occasions/events would this gift be perfect for?
The most common events would be the ones that you already get gifts for - birthdays, anniversaries, Mother's & Father's days, and baby showers. However, no occasion is too small, as long as there is a memory that was shared. 

It could even be an epic meal that was made by someone special in your life. So epic that you'd like to immortalises the emotions of someone who experienced it, in a way that fully captures what it felt like.

Or it could just be something nice you do for someone. That's always great, right? 
Who would a Folklory be perfect for?
Most people would think that this gift is solely for people who are sentimental or nostalgic. However, our belief is that anyone who has a loved one in their life, who's experienced a range of emotions or isn't a cyborg from another planet, would love a personal podcast, as long as it's sincere. 

There is one requirement though - you should get this gift for someone you're close to. Not because they won't enjoy it, but because we know that this is a one-of-a-kind gift that people are going to take a leap of faith to try first. 
If I would like to be part of the interview as well, would that be possible?
After years of recording and creating stories in every format possible, we've come to realise that the best and most meaningful conversations arise when it's intimate. Which is why we strongly recommend that our interviews be done one-on-one to get the most honest responses. 
Will I have a chance to review the Folklory before it goes out? What if there are certain parts that I need to have removed?
Yes, you can review the product before it goes out. However, if you'd like to have parts removed, there may be additional fees involved. You can reach out to us via the form at the bottom of the page, and we'll take it from there. 
How much interview time would be required of the interviewee?
We'll require 15 mins for a pre-interview call, and a max of 1 hour for the interview process. On average, we wrap up the process within 45 minutes, but some buffer is always good.
If it’s over the phone, how would you ensure the quality of the recording?
Our audio editing process comprises 2 main stages - the conversation and the editing. During the conversation stage, we use specialised software to record the call in much higher quality than standard phone calls. During the editing stage, we use industry-leading audio mastering software to polish up the audio to the point that it's almost indistinguishable from an interview recorded face-to-face in our studio. 
What if the person we want to interview doesn’t use a smartphone or a computer, e.g. an old person?
At this point, we don't offer options outside of smartphones or computers, but we're exploring ways to make sure that all kinds of calls can be recorded, regardless of device. So sign up for our newsletter and follow us on social media for the latest updates. 

About Folklory

We are filmmakers and storytellers at heart, with a combined total of 25+ years of content creation across YouTube videos, TV shows and podcasts. 27+ million views and 1.5+ million podcast downloads later, we started Folklory to help others capture their own stories.

Why stories? Because we believe they're powerful ways of spreading compassion, empathy and values.

Why audio? Because audio captures nuance and emotion more efficiently than other formats.

Why us? Because we've had our lives changed by the stories we've captured. And now we want to help your loved ones experience the magic of personalised audio too.

- Haresh & Terence

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